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Write In The World With The Stillwell EDC Pen From The James Brand

If anyone ever disagrees with the old saying “the pen is mightier than the sword” then they definitely haven’t seen the Stilwell before—it might just hold its own in a sword-fight… In all reality, this pen is built like a tank for endless writing when you’re on the move. Without adding unnecessary bulk to your keyring, the Stillwell is compact enough to travel along on all your life’s adventures.

Thanks to the premium construction, streamlined design, and close attention to detail, you’ll always be prepared when that million dollar idea pops in your head or you can confidently check the last box on your to-do list. The pen features a hardy aluminum construction that can take a beating. It is naturally lightweight, thanks to the aluminum so it doesn’t add unnecessary weight to your EDC.

A triple o-ring gasket protection ensures that the cap stays on when not in use. The collapsable two-part construction allows you to expand the pen for a full-size feel and a refillable ink cartridge with ball point tip keeps you writing and doodling smoothly. The Stillwell EDC Pen is available on the Huckberry site for $49 today.

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