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Wear The Most Timex Timex With The Giorgio Galli S1

Milan-based design director Giorgio Galli knows what makes Timex tick better than anyone. That’s why the brand tasked him to create the most “Timex” Timex ever made. A watch that combines their shared love of quality, accessibility, and great design.

Giorgio answered with the S1 Automatic.

He now follows up with a new 38mm case. This elegant, updated timepiece features details that could only have come from Giorgio—a high-accuracy automatic movement, fully custom case design (in stainless steel or black coated), and double-domed sapphire crystal.

The watch ships with a high-durability strap in soft synthetic rubber that features an exclusive riveted strap-keeper design. Under the watch’s sweeping hands is a synthetic red sapphire stone set into its Atlantic Blue dial or fashionably black dial, where moments pass in an effortless glide that will capture your attention again and again—even when you already know perfectly well what time it is. Get the Giorgio Galli S1, in Atlantic Blue or Black Onyx, for $450 in the Windup Watch Shop today.

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