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Add Your Color With The US-Made Mil-Strap From ADPT

The ADPT Strap (pronounced “adapt”) is the All Day, Purpose, and Terrain American-made nylon watch strap that comfortably and stylishly keeps your watch on your wrist. Jog with it, ride your bike with it, swim with it, run errands with it, go to work with it… wash it off and do it all again.

The ADPT Strap is based on a military design that cleverly features a security-band underneath, ensuring that your watch stays on should a spring bar fail. ADPT Strap is a must-have accessory for your wristwatch. Three years in the making, the ADPT Strap is currently the only American-made nylon strap of its kind and in 12 different color options. Get the US-Made Mil-Strap, on sale for $40.80 (down from $48) through July 7, in the WindUp Watch Shop.

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