Time on Screen: Jaws

In this edition of Time on Screen, recorded following a festive Fourth of July weekend during which no members of the Worn & Wound team were eaten by a shark, Zach Kazan and Kyle Snarr examine Jaws, Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic, and perhaps the ultimate summer movie. Jaws is often credited with creating the modern summer blockbuster, and in this conversation we look at exactly how that happened, from an ingenious and novel marketing strategy to old fashioned great technical filmmaking.

As watch fans are likely aware, Jaws is also a great watch spotting movie, and has made a cult hit out of the humble Alsta Nautoscaph, worn by Richard Dreyfuss throughout the film. Kyle has spent significant time with the Alsta, and gives his impressions of the watch, along with some thoughts on alternative watch casting for other members of the Orca shark hunting crew.


Show Notes: 

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