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Hands-On with the Dievas Maya MKIII

Dievas is a cult microbrand even to those who are fans of cult microbrands. Founded in 2006, they are one of the OG independent tool …
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Dievas MG-1: Weird but Wonderful?

Some things are just so odd that despite an initial negative reaction they become appealing. They look strange and might not make total sense conceptually, …
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Dievas Shadow Review

Since we started w&w, Dievas has been a brand we’ve kept an eye on. They don’t come out with new products that often, but when …
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Dievas Timeattack Chronograph

Dievas, makers of the Vortex and Focal tactical watches, just announced the release of their first chronograph, the Timeattack. Keeping with their aggressive no-fuss style, …
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Watch-Lust: Dievas Vortex

The Dievas Vortex is a beast of a watch. Looking something like a mix between a diver’s watch, a pilot’s watch, a military watch and …